Locals Only – Surf Grooming

I noticed the white paint on the cliffs at Nth Curl Curl the other week. I remember seeing this sentiment expressed at Avoca Beach. The Curl Curl one is very like the sign at Scarborough Wombarra except that there the word “G A Y” has been added by someone who has a sense of humour.
While I understand what causes people to write these signs, I cannot think of anything worse than only surfing one beach and staying away from all the others.
The problem is over crowding. Instead of everyone poking each others eyes out and making the world blind, the solution is to groom the surf that is there to make more room for more riders.
Councils have no trouble justifying putting a rake through the dry sand. Why doesn’t someone look at ways of moving the sand underwater to make better breaks for the surfers?
Sure the sand will move back, no problem, in the same way that the dry stuff gets racked regularly move the wet stuff to improve the banks each day.
Don’t bother with moving anything in swell over 1.5 metres. Increases in the forces involved increase the problems.
First thing to do is a pretest of the marine ecology, especially at the water’s edge.
Rules should be made about moving the sand, the main one would be to only ever move sand closer to the beach. This should assist with the build-up of sand on the beach, most people would see that as a good thing.
The next thing is to think of a method for moving the sand. Something like suction pipes with the engines for the pumps based on the beach is my current preference.
We don’t know all the answers but the problem is we are not asking the question:
How can we make the waves better for more people, especially the locals?
How can we slowly make surf better?

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