Moriarty on artificial reefs

Do artificial reefs work?
Jim Moriarty (currently the CEO of Surfrider Foundation) blogs on that topic on Ocean waves beaches.
Volume 1 – Surfer feedback
There is virtually no quantitative data on how well they are working.
Volume 2 -The return on investment
The size of the investment (even a large one) isn’t a big deal if the return outpaces it.
Volume 3 – Will artificial reefs reduce crowds?
If a recreational area is crowded and you build another recreational area, the crowd is lessened, unfortunately, that doesn’t apply to surfing.
Volume 4 – Track record
Top of the list of the nine things that were supposed to change surfing, but didn’t, was “artificial reefs”.
I have mapped the various locations mentioned in the fourth blog.


One response to “Moriarty on artificial reefs

  1. the breaks are all over the place, dont we have a problem with the other important parts of the formula? Like time of day, season of year, state of the tide, direction of the swell, direction of the wind , availability of person , location of person , location of the surf thats working? Now if someone can do a bit of statistics on that it might be better to just invest in lotto and travel to places to be there at the right time. Some of them are also not that far away?