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Many coastlines are subject to powerful waves that crash directly onshore. An artificial reef situated 150-300 yards offshore might create surfing opportunities and, by dissipating wave energy, make swimming safer and reduce coastal erosion.

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Multi-purpose reef
A multi-purpose reef, also commonly known as an artificial surfing reef, is an structure located offshore designed to induce wave breaking in a manner that creates a wave suitable for surfing or bodyboarding. Artificial surfing reefs can exist in many different configurations and be built from a variety of different materials. To date there have been fewer than 10 attempts to build such a structure world wide.

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  1. Multi-purpose reefs and artificial surfing reefs are not synonymous as the function of manipulating waves to produce surfable results is just one facet of a mutli-purpose reefs. Artificial surfing reefs, as such, are single-purpose reefs that may result in some level other functionality (e.g. habitat creation) as a consequence, but not by design, of their placement in the marine environment