Boscombe, Bournemouth, Dorset UK

The final chapter (Aug 2017):
The full story to April 2013

Here is the text as it came to me in 2010 from Google news alert on artificial surfing reefs:
Boscombe reef gets its first surfing competition (From Bournemouth …
I don’t know what ASR have got wrong in the design, but clearly something
is badly wrong. … As for holding a surfing contest on the reef, well, forget it. …

Update – 2011:

It seems a lot of lessons are being learnt on this project.

Ben Mondy, an ex-editor of Tracks magazine and contributor to Surfer, Carve and Surf Europe, was one of the first to surf the new reef at Bournemouth.

Film produced by ACM Filmed and edited by Johno Verity

..and then there is this quote from Jim Moriarty:
Writing on the blog
Quoting Sean Collins, the founder of Surfline, when asked: Do they get any swell there at all?
“Yes, it doesn’t look like that exposed of a location as it is up in the channel and faces southerly. But when big storms begin to track down through the northern Atlantic in Fall there may some pre-frontal SSW swell that could penetrate up into the channel into the Bournemouth area. Also longer periods WSW swells will be able to feel the offshore bathymetry to wrap into the Bournemouth area. Additionally this area looks much cleaner with better wind conditions than the more exposed west coast.”

My (Jim’s) layman’s version of that is… they could see some Fall waves. So. Let’s not be so quick to label this reef a failure until they’ve actually seen a Fall. We won’t have to wait long as… it’s Fall now.

A link to a map with the location of the reef:
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Comment by reeferskeptics

surfers are not impressed with the results seen vs. the anticipated results

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