International Multi-purpose Reef Symposia
The site includes selected refereed papers from the International Multi-purpose
Reef Symposia held each year throughout the world (since 1997). It shares quality literature to inform and promote the use of multi-purpose reefs in the coastal environment, to mitigate erosion, increase amenity and enhance marine ecology.
8th in Rincon, Puerto Rico, February 2013
International Multipurpose Reef & Surfing Science Symposium
Engineering and Hydrodynamics; Artificial Reef Biology; Surfing Reef Science
Antigua Artificial Reef Designed by Dr. Alfredo Torruella
7th in Sydney, Australia, March 2010
Share knowledge on the technical aspects of coastal surfing and seafloor topography. They will present information on; artificial surfing reef design, beach nourishment works, surf break reparations (from degradation) and preservation and other issues that affect coastal topography.
A short history of the surfing reef symposia from 1997 by Dr J. Borrero

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