Wave Gardens

A Wave-garden in Basque Country, Spain; the Wave FolkOla Moviestar in Lima, Peru. Kelly Slater Wave Company and Webber Wave Pool.

Substance may follow but the demand is there.
Keep an eye on Webber Wave Pool and see if they don’t do the best disrupt ever by coming up with that dream.
We have mapped some artificial reefs. bit.ly/asurfr
We know there are others to add to this map. If you know of lots more, ask to be added to the map making.

Wavegarden has been in development since 2005. It works by propelling water over a surface that creates a moving wave with a tube, just as ocean waves form by breaking over coral reefs or a sand bar. Size and speed of waves can be controlled by the Wavegarden technology, which can be installed in natural or man-made lakes and ponds, as well as resorts, aquatic sports parks, and municipalities.

More Artificial Reef and Wave pools, follow this link bit.ly/fKNoDg or click the category in the cloud (right hand side =>).

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Cannot wait to try it..

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