Blue Dunes proposal

A string of artificial islands off the coast of New Jersey and New York should be an opportunity for surfers to have the islands made in a way that makes the best use of the swell.

This sounds like a bad idea:

‘‘Our idea is to build a chain of islands, like a long, slender banana. The wave action and storm surge will reflect off these islands and go back out to sea rather than hitting the coast.

See the Boston Globe article:

One comment on the site:
by JLErwin3 (03/30/14 11:26 AM)
The thing is, Long Island is, basically, one huge barrier island, with seven-and-a-half million people living on it.

Artificial reef debate at Coffs Harbour

As moves are made to reinforce Coffs Harbour’s breakwalls following the latest storm damage, the concept of an artificial reef to protect the marina from damage continues to gain momentum.

The concept is one alternative being considered by government departments dedicated to ensuring Coffs Harbour remains the only all-weather harbour between Port Stephens and the Tweed.

The option, revealed by the Department of Lands at a Coffs Harbour Chamber of Commerce breakfast in 2009, has captured the attention of surfers, who hope the installation would also generate a man-made surf break.

See Matt Deans

National Surfing Reserves

These are the already great surfing spots.

National Surfing Reserves are ‘iconic’ places of intrinsic environmental, heritage, sporting and cultural value to a nation. NSR embrace all peoples to enjoy, understand and protect

What about the surf breaks that could do with some improvements?

Taree starts the process

Here is a Google search for “Taree Council’s draft Coastal Zone Management Plan”
Searched 12 June 2012.
Search it again and see what progress has been made.
  1. [PDF] Report – ANZ offices – Greater Taree City Council…Planning/GTCC_Emergency_Action_Plan_…
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as HTML
    Copying this report without the permission of Greater Taree City Council or WorleyParsons is not permitted. …. Taree Coastal Zone Management Plan.

  2. Wild weather prompts call for Old Bar protection – ABC News…/4054952
    6 days ago – Taree Council’s draft Coastal Zone Management Plan is expected to be on exhibition by the end of the month. Local resident Elaine Pearce …
  3.  No compensation under Taree erosion retreat plan – ABC News
    10 Apr 2012 – But Greater Taree City Council has not contemplated voluntary acquisition as … It’s still waiting for its draft coastal zone management plan to be …
  4. Old Bar prepares for double whammy – Local News – News…bar…/2580596.aspx
    6 days ago – The Weather Bureau yesterday warned people from the south coast through to  was delivered a double blow by Greater Taree City Council public exhibition period for council’s draft Coastal Zone Management Plan could 
  5. Council seeks fast-track for coast plan – Local News – News 

    16 Dec 2011 – GREATER Taree City Council will write to the NSW Minister of … with comment to the council’s draft coastal zone management plan. It will also …

  • More coast lost at Old Bar – Local News – News – General – Manning 

    4 days ago –  Taree City Council and the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage had worked more effectively on the Coastal Zone Management Plan.

  • The Economist chines in

    The Economist considers “the problem”
    the best solution is to find more sites with good natural surf. Another reason why winter is good for surfers,

    The journal touches lightly on the possibility of  surfing tourism becoming a viable option for African countries but misses making a list of all the countries that are eligible to develop their surfing resources.

    These countries are those anywhere that is not always dark blue on the forecast graphic, Forecasts

    Or not always purple on this other animated forecast:

    NOAA (NCEP WAM) Global Swell Data
    Select “animation” from the bottom of the drop down list called Forecast.