Podcast: Discovery

How to Make an Awesome Surf Wave
from the BBC. (27 minutes)

Discusses engineering to make more and better surf breaks.
Discusses Boscombe, Bournemouth then to the Basque Country in northern Spain to the Wavegarden, in the foothills of the Cantabrian mountains.
Surfing veterans share their thoughts with marine biologist Helen Scales.


Troy Bottegal and the bubble bank

Under headlines of world’s first inflatable artificial reef, a concept has been heralded that uses sand anchors to install an inflatable sail-like structure “the size of a large roundabout” offshore.

Troy Bottegal believes that where the ocean meets the submerged sail, the result will be a steady supply of surfer-friendly waves.

He is probably right but the Kickstarter project’s funding goal was not reached on November 24, 2014.
I am scanning this search for someone that has made calculations on the physics of the forces involved:


Click the link for an updated search – from SurfingSites.net

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A Closer Look at Artificial Waves

Faking it – an article by Matt Clark addresses the questions:

  • So How Do Wave Generators Work?
  • Are They Sustainable?
  • Bringing Surf Culture Inland?
  • Where and When Can I Try It?
  • If a surf park came to your hometown, will you rush to try it?



The Masterplan of the Wavegraden site at Bristol, UK
© 2015 – Wavegarden

Wave Loch

Blue Dunes proposal

A string of artificial islands off the coast of New Jersey and New York should be an opportunity for surfers to have the islands made in a way that makes the best use of the swell.

This sounds like a bad idea:

‘‘Our idea is to build a chain of islands, like a long, slender banana. The wave action and storm surge will reflect off these islands and go back out to sea rather than hitting the coast.

See the Boston Globe article:

One comment on the site:
by JLErwin3 (03/30/14 11:26 AM)
The thing is, Long Island is, basically, one huge barrier island, with seven-and-a-half million people living on it.