Podcast: Discovery

How to Make an Awesome Surf Wave
from the BBC. (27 minutes)

Discusses engineering to make more and better surf breaks.
Discusses Boscombe, Bournemouth then to the Basque Country in northern Spain to the Wavegarden, in the foothills of the Cantabrian mountains.
Surfing veterans share their thoughts with marine biologist Helen Scales.


A Closer Look at Artificial Waves

Faking it – an article by Matt Clark addresses the questions:

  • So How Do Wave Generators Work?
  • Are They Sustainable?
  • Bringing Surf Culture Inland?
  • Where and When Can I Try It?
  • If a surf park came to your hometown, will you rush to try it?



The Masterplan of the Wavegraden site at Bristol, UK
© 2015 – Wavegarden

Wave Loch

Gladstone QLD surf park

From the local paper:
From the Courier Mail:
Baffle Creek as the regional area prepares to hit the world stage with a world-first in surf wave technology.
Plan of the Park

If approved, it would become the first surfing wave pool in Australia, beating plans to establish similar projects on the Gold Coast and at Ipswich.

The Economist chines in

The Economist considers “the problem”
the best solution is to find more sites with good natural surf. Another reason why winter is good for surfers,

The journal touches lightly on the possibility of  surfing tourism becoming a viable option for African countries but misses making a list of all the countries that are eligible to develop their surfing resources.

These countries are those anywhere that is not always dark blue on the forecast graphic, Forecasts

Or not always purple on this other animated forecast:

NOAA (NCEP WAM) Global Swell Data
Select “animation” from the bottom of the drop down list called Forecast.

Paradise lost?

While these constructions are a good idea they will not of themselves stop surf rage.

The people behind the idea (below) appear to be:

NIELSEN BARTHOLOMEW a private partnership providing global surfing consultancy for pro-surfers and multinational public companies on many facets of Surf-Biz.

Here is the publicity:

Courier Mail
Wave pools and artificial reefs to fight Gold Coast surf rage problem

Picture: Tim Marsden Source: The Courier-Mail THE Gold Coast could soon be
home to world-class artificial reefs and wave pools to combat the rising
tide of …

The Australian
Wave pools to fight surf rage

Local beach breaks under increasing pressure from crowds Wave pools,
artificial reefs to be introduced within two years Riding the wave – Surf’s
up in …

Gold Coast Bulletin News
Wave pools to combat surf rage on Coast

THE Gold Coast could soon be home to world-class artificial reefs and wave
pools to combat the rising tide of surf rage. The surfing industry
generates $3.3 …


How will raising the expectations of people with bad behaviour improve their behaviour?

What do you think?