Forecast for your beach?

While we have been collecting surfing websites we were amazed at the global reach for surfing forecasts. It is hard to find a place that doesn’t have a surf forecast.
Check out your beach’s forecast (or forecasts, there is usually more than one) by:

  • going to the Search Surfing Sites.
  • typing in the name of your beach
  • on the results page clicking “forecasts”

BTW, we don’t store any of the information entered in the search page, so don’t worry about giving away your secret spot..

Surf Forecasts

We have collected some differing views of surf forecasts.
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Note that these graphics show the current forecast.
Wind and swell aimed at Sydney
Also there is a chart that plots wind and swell aimed toward Sydney..
OR to make it easy to share with others:
When you get to that page press the Loop button on the top right hand corner to see the chart animate up to 120 hours ahead.
Dial-up the best NZ surf
Also check out the NZ forecast site that lets you dial-up the best surf:
Finally WaveWatch is also worth checking out.
Go to for your local surf forecasts

North Steyne Forecast

Live surf report for the middle of Manly Beach (Sydney – Australia).

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Go to for surf reports & forecasts
See also:
MHL info straight from the wave-rider buoys:
Pick which wave-rider buoy on the NSW coast:
This is handy – pick a graphic of anywhere in the world:

Finding smaller surf in Sydney

Start your search for smaller waves at the south end of any beach (except Bondi). Look for somewhere out of the wind. Remember that overcast and cold weather generally keeps the crowds away.
Heavy rain can be a health problem.
For places you may not have thought about see the Sydney Beach Map:

See the great graphical representation of the surfing forecast at
Video of Neilsen Park inside the harbour breaking in April 2009.