Inland Surfing

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Note that the Wave Park Group has announced URBNSURF Sydney, a surf park facility to be developed at Sydney Olympic Park.
See also the Melbourne project:

Our take on Inland Surfing

It’s thought at least 36 million people worldwide identify themselves as surfers.
They all, however, face an inescapable truth: perfect, surfable waves don’t always show up where and when they’re wanted.
So we will touch lightly here on the discussion about the surfing equivalent of skate parks.

 Surf Snowdonia

Surf Snowdonia
Surf Snowdonia (BBC)

The device is essentially a blade, shaped like an aeroplane wing, known as the “wave foil”.
A winch adapted from a ski lift drags the wave foil through the water, creating a wake behind it.

Engineering and Technology Magazine have an article that asks the question about how much energy and water the system uses:

Wave pools
News from the surf parks
They try and get that triple bottom-line balance between having a project that is financially sustainable, is environmentally sustainable, and also socially sustainable.

The Race for first Surf Park in Australia:
Gladstone QLD surf park

Wave Pools
This material will not be exhaustive and the rest of this site will concentrate on using the given swell.


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