A Closer Look at Artificial Waves

Faking it – an article by Matt Clark addresses the questions:

  • So How Do Wave Generators Work?
  • Are They Sustainable?
  • Bringing Surf Culture Inland?
  • Where and When Can I Try It?
  • If a surf park came to your hometown, will you rush to try it?



The Masterplan of the Wavegraden site at Bristol, UK
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Wave Loch

The Economist chines in

The Economist considers “the problem”
the best solution is to find more sites with good natural surf. Another reason why winter is good for surfers,

The journal touches lightly on the possibility of  surfing tourism becoming a viable option for African countries but misses making a list of all the countries that are eligible to develop their surfing resources.

These countries are those anywhere that is not always dark blue on the forecast graphic, Forecasts

Or not always purple on this other animated forecast:

NOAA (NCEP WAM) Global Swell Data
Select “animation” from the bottom of the drop down list called Forecast.

Wave Focusing Sand Slug

Plan for Wave Focusing Sand Slug,

Wave Focusing Sand Slug,

Cronulla Beach will officially trial Andrew Pitt’s special sand placement configuration designed to create a temporary Wave Focusing Sand Slug.

The sand will be strategically placed about 250 metres offshore in up to eight metres of water to form a two-hectare rectangular mound.

Reports from regular surfers on the waves and impacts on crowding along the beach would be appreciated.

August 2012 Update:
Seems to work OK.

Cronulla Beach Aug12

Lots of surfers enjoying this sand slug

Diggers Point project

Back in 1997 there was a proposal to make a classic left hand point break on the headland north of Freshwater beach in Sydney (Australia).

We want people to add sites here that have the history of this project.
Let’s all learn by the experience, even breathe some life into it.

Surfing Ramps have taken down their page on the Harbord project 1997.
See their current Hot Topics page:
and another link from them:
20th NSW Coastal Conference 8 – 11 Nov 2011 Tweed Heads NSW