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Artificial surfing reefs

As acknowledged in the DHI article, we are at a low point in making artificial surfing reefs in the ocean.
Good or bad ideas?
Shaped bottoms – The Tasmanian experience
Bottegal and Bubble Bank

Making surfing spots

The things that make a good surf spot are known; good swell, favourable winds and the right shape of the bottom (and the bays).

Document the world’s coasts

We are particularly looking for places that are not surfed at the moment that could be surfable with a little work. Like they did at Burkitts Reef, Bargara.
The one thing that we have learnt from Mt Reef and Bournemouth is don’t mess with the existing surf spots and stay clear of areas controlled by lifesaving clubs.
Contact us for a way to identify parts of your coast that meet this criteria.

Wave pools

There has been a lot of progress on the topic of Inland Surfing.
Surfer Today has an explanation and a map:

Meanwhile in the Ocean

More Councils looking at Artificial Reefs

Albany surf reef to be revisited – ABC South Coast WA
The Albany Council has ordered its CEO to reinvestigate the idea of creating an artificial surf reef at Middleton beach. The idea has been around for years.

See also Taree starts the process and
Artificial reef debate at Coffs Harbour.

A Wave Focusing Sand Slug in Sydney, Australia


animation of forecast

Surfline Global forecast

Surf forecast overview and all surf forecasts

Meanwhile in Sydney Australia


International Surfing Reef Symposia

Whatever happened to them?
Symposia, including history

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